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South Hill 

Spokane, Wa





You, Me and Phileo

Going to school in my later years was such an amazing experience! It started me on a journey to open my studio in 2016.  I named it Phileo because it means brotherly love and friendship. I love the idea that when you come into my studio, you will experience more than just a service, but a personal and professional relationship. My desire is to listen, inform and pamper each one of you to the best of my abilities, and that in a nutshell is the heart of Phileo.


So the goal is to eat healthy and take care of yourself on the inside right? Well, the outside is equally as important and that is why I use an Organic Product line called Beaute Nouveau. The ingredients in BN will hydrate, brighten and clean your skin without added chemicals.

I also recently launched an organic mask product called Nourish. Just like no two skin type's are alike, a Nourish mask is tailor made for you! We all have different issues with our skin, so I use organic powders and carrier oils, alongside essentials oils that are known to: 

  • Fight acne (Seaweed)

  • Anti-aging (Rose Petal)

  • Promote hydration (Goat Milk)

  • Brighten hyper-pigmentation (Orange Peel) just to name a few! 

After a short consultation, I can determine the type of mask you will need and create it in my studio for you to take home. Each mask contains approx.  10 treatments. $45.00

I promise you a Nourish mask will ROCK YOUR WORLD and YOUR SKIN!



Client Reviews

Donna was awesome - super friendly, easy to talk to and had the best smelling products. She takes care of you, loves what she does and it shows. My face felt amazing after and I’m still glowing a few days later.
— Rachel A -
Love my microdermabrasion/facial with Donna! Look forward to it every month!
— Julianne M -
I bought more treatments. Best my skin has looked in 10 years!
— Denise T -